ux audit
my role • project lead + ux/ui designer
softwares • sketch, invision
project • evaluate the user journey for design.staples.com
case study
this was one of the first assignments i was given when i joined the the staples print & marketing team. the task was to evaluate the staples print website from a users point of view. sounds simple but this beast took a shape of its own. i spent days just clicking through each and every product, use cases, entry and exit points into the site to evaluate user experience. i also started making some sense of the ui style system the site was using at the time. checkout some of my initial audit work this one showcases the users journey to purchase a printed mug from the website.
eventually we had to create a larger team and divide responsibilities to tackle this monster. we evaluated not only the digital experience but also got samples of all products printed and understood the challenges and issues we faced in the final printed product. eventually this project evolved into the ui refresh project for staples print & marketing site.
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