staples • sign in | register
my role • ux/ui designer
softwares • sketch, invision, principle
project • update the sign in | register experience on staples.com
date • mar, 2016
the product team identified some critical areas where the
sign in | register needed updates

• implement new brand identity to match staples.com
• improve the existing staples sign in | register user experience
• reduce cognitive load on the user
• make the staples rewards simple and increase members
as part of dissecting the project. we did a focus group with
staples.com users and had them go through the existing
sign in | register experience.

user feedback:
• inconsistant branding
• seems like three different sites
• too many input fields on registration
during this stage we took all the core pieces from the research phase variations to tackle the problem and started creating some basic wires to layout the information
iteration 1
for the first iteration we created a image heavy page layout showcasing some products with a
sign in | register form

we created three pages

• sign in
• register
• interstitial checkout
iteration 2
in the second iteration we started simplifying the page layout and put more focus on the sign in | register form. we created the same three pages as before

• sign in
• register
• interstitial checkout
iteration 3
in the final iteration, we pushed for more simplification of the layout, and worked on in context information. most apparent on the registration form, where we hide the rewards member form initially and let the user opt to see the rewards registration.

check out the video of the prototype i did to show the experience to the engineering team.
after launching the new experience here are some metrics from the site

• sign ups went up by 12%
• sign ups with rewards membership went up by 23%
sign ups
after • 36%
before • 13%
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